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Eurodance Magazine since 2014

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Dance Promo since 2013.


TalentLab since 2015.

Android App and Mozilla Addon for Eurodance Magazine

Android App and Mozilla Addon for Eurodance Magazine is out. For more visit

Updated Eurodance Magazine

Eurodance Magazine is also known as eurodancemag™️ was eurodance news blog/portal/website founded 2014 and operated by EuroMag Ltd by 2019.

Lot of changes are done in design,promotion and providing news info after EuroMag acquired that blog.

By December 2019 new things is done:

Updated About

Updated Submission Policy

Added and Updated Privacy Policy

Updated Terms

Updated Partners and Links

Added Donation solution and only solution for now.

Updated Share and ad providers.

Updated Contact form and added Newsroom.

Added Breaking|Hot posts highlighted by specific color.

and lot of other improvrments.

Eurodance Magazine can be accessed by both links:


New logo and branding of company


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